#62: Conscious Bravery with Pamela Brinker, LCSW Sun and Moon Sober Living June 17, 2023

#62: Conscious Bravery with Pamela Brinker, LCSW


As a well-respected and experienced psychotherapist for years, Pamela has treated thousands of clients and has developed over 20 tools and practices to teach conscious bravery. Also a speaker and trainer, Pamela has taught and led groups and workshops on a variety of themes including motivation, grief, mental health, conscious bravery while supporting loved ones with addiction, and dreamwork. Her first book “Conscious Bravery” is an Amazon bestseller, and she is writing the second book in a three-part series.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Caring for a loved one with addiction
  • The stigma of mental health & addiction
  • Pamela’s “Bravery Keys”
  • How to stay connected to your essence
  • Whole-being awareness
  • Managing fear
  • Asking for help
  • Resources & peer support

See links below to find out more about Pamela and follow her work:

Website: https://pamelabrinker.com/
Instagram: @pamelabrinkerbravery

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