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Learn to quit drinking and build a fulfilling life alcohol-free

You don’t need to wait for a rock-bottom to get sober. Discover how one choice can improve all areas of your life.


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I’m Mary Tilson, certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and International Retreat Leader. I’ve been sober since April 27, 2013.

After overcoming my own battle with addiction, I feel passionate about sharing the tools that have allowed me to live a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy substance-free. Sun & Moon Sober Living is a space I created to explore the well-proven pathways of recovery, drawing on the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy, mindfulness, the science of behavior change, neuroscience, trauma theory, and the power of community. Whether you’re already sober or just a little curious, you are welcome here.

Here’s How To Get Started

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Includes live weekly meetings, a library of yoga & movement classes, guided breathwork & meditations, monthly book club, Holistic Sobriety Workbook and more,

Private Coaching

Work 1:1 to deconstruct your beliefs about alcohol, get to the root of what drives you to drink in the first place and put a personalized plan in place to support your sobriety for the long-term.

Introduction to Meditation Course

Sobriety starts with awareness, and this meditation course will offer you the tools to begin to consciously observe your thoughts, shift into a more calm, relaxed state and become a conscious driver of your life.


Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

— Viktor E. Frankl

Success Stories

The Podcast

Listen to conversations about Addiction Recovery, Mental Health and Holistic Sober Living with leading experts and a variety of inspiring people thriving on their sober journey.

The Sun & Moon Sober Living Podcast was designed to crush the stigma and normalize conversations about addiction recovery and sober living. Every episode is loaded with insight to support you in living a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy.


#1: Raising Awareness & Education on Addiction Recovery with Cheryl Brown Merriwether

#5: Nikki Myers – Founder of Y12SR, Yoga Therapist & Addiction Recovery Specialist

#14: Alcohol Explained: William Porter Exposes the Truth About Drinking

#20: Trauma and the 12-Steps with Dr. Jamie Marich

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