#58: Energizing Habits with Gabriella Rosen Sun and Moon Sober Living May 12, 2023

#58: Energizing Habits with Gabriella Rosen


Gabriella Rosen is the Founder of Energizing Habits, a company dedicated to helping individuals perform at their best while feeling their best. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Gabi’s story
  • Energizing habits
  • The 2-3pm slump
  • Energy management
  • Identifying your values
  • Why language matters
  • How to implement new habits
  • Embracing imperfection

With her personal experience of struggling with a chemical imbalance that caused energy depletion and 80-hour work weeks, Gabriella understands the importance of maintaining good energy and performing at your best throughout the day. 

She discovered energizing methods from a world search: from ice baths in Spain with world record holders, to retreats in Costa Rica with Shamans. 

She transformed the energizing methods she had learned into 30-second scientifically backed hacks and applied them to her workday. This propelled her to become the youngest 8-figure seller globally at Spotify, win awards, and lead corporate wellness groups. Her clients include Pinterest, NBC, OfferUp, and Boys & Girls Club national.

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See links below connect with Gabi and learn more about her work:

IG @energizinghacks

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