#67: Yoga & Buddhist Psychology for Addiction Recovery with Brian Hyman Sun and Moon Sober Living July 13, 2023

#67: Yoga & Buddhist Psychology for Addiction Recovery with Brian Hyman


Brian Hyman, RYT, is an accomplished and certified yoga therapist, meditation guide, dharma teacher, author, father, and addiction recovery activist with more than 13 years of personal recovery from addiction, and over 11 years of professional experience facilitating thousands of yoga classes, meditation sessions, and process groups at a prominent treatment center for addiction recovery in Southern California. He has been a contributing writer for numerous publications including Whole Life Times, Mantra Wellness, and Yoga Digest, and has been interviewed by Origin, Malibu Times, and Recovery 2.0.  Brian has shared his insightful and experiential perspective about yogic philosophy, Buddhist psychology, and addiction recovery on the podcasts This is Yoga Therapy, Sober Gratitudes, Sobriety Corps, Inspiring Stories of Joy, and Yoga and Recovery. His yoga classes, breathing tutorials, and guided meditations were featured for many years on Yoga30, and his video course Meditation for Everyone: Calm, Balance, and Peace has been completed by thousands of students around the world on Udemy.  Brian is the creator of the 30-day audio course Recovery: Principles for a Purposeful Life on Insight Timer, along with numerous others. His book Recovery with Yoga: Supportive Practices for Transcending Addiction (Shambhala Publications) will be released in 2024.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Brian’s recovery story
  • The wisdom of the 12-Steps
  • Transcending addiction with yoga
  • Buddhist principles for recovery
  • Embodying the teachings
  • The gift of presence
  • The importance of community

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