#57: Alcohol-Free with Andy Ramage – Let’s Do This! Sun and Moon Sober Living May 12, 2023

#57: Alcohol-Free with Andy Ramage – Let’s Do This!


Andy is a former professional athlete, who following an injury which cut short his career, went on to co-create two multimillion-dollar city brokerages. But after achieving traditional “success” Andy was left feeling broken. He was unfit, unhealthy, overweight, stressed and unhappy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Andy’s alcohol-free journey
  • How to shift your mindset about alcohol
  • The willpower-free method
  • How to grow genuine confidence
  • Building your “dream boat”
  • Establishing routines
  • The model of change
  • How to navigate slip-ups
  • What comes next after quitting alcohol

Andy believed there had to be another way to be successful while staying super fit, healthy, maintaining a happy home life and doing it with a smile on his face. So, 10 years ago Andy went on an adventure to study the art of behavioural change and elite performance.

The techniques Andy uncovered transformed his mind, body, business and most importantly his relationships. Inspired, Andy firstly co-founded a world-leading behavioral change platform (OYNB), inspiring over 100,000 people to transform their relationship with alcohol. He recently co-created the Dryy App and Dryy Coach Community and also runs his own double accredited coaching certification.

Andy is also the author of two best-selling books and is one of only a few coaches to hold a Masters degree in coaching psychology and positive psychology. Andy’s unique background, education and experience make him one of the world’s leading behavioral change experts and performance coaches. He also regularly speaks about behavioral change and peak performance.

To learn more and connect with Andy, visit:

Website: https://andyramage.com/
IG @andyramageofficial

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