#53: Being Brave in Recovery & Socializing Sober with Carrie May Sun and Moon Sober Living May 12, 2023

#53: Being Brave in Recovery & Socializing Sober with Carrie May


Carrie Nicole May is a Nurse Practitioner and a Recovery Coach. She is certified through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches and holds a specialty She Recovers Coaching Designation. Carrie is extremely passionate about changing the landscape of socializing sober. She is the Founder of Chicago AF, her nonprofit sober community in Chicago which holds monthly social events and weekly support meetings. She is also the Founder of Brave, her boutique and adventure recovery coaching practice. Carrie loves to get women off grid with Brave’s hiking retreats to connect, empower and gain more confidence in sobriety. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Carrie’s recovery journey
  • Healing shame and the inner critic
  • How to find your sober people
  • Tips for hosting sober events
  • Becoming brave
  • How hiking & being in nature supports recovery
  • The power of community
  • Carrie’s top tips for lasting sobriety
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