#51: The Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with James Swanwick Sun and Moon Sober Living March 20, 2023

#51: The Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with James Swanwick


James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker and former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN. He is the creator of the Alcohol Free Lifestyle, which helps people change their relationship to alcohol; the host of the podcast, “Alcohol Free Lifestyle”, creator of “Project 90”, which helps high achievers get lifetime power over alcohol, and creator of blue-light blocking glasses Swannies by Swanwick Sleep, which improve your sleep.

In this episode, we discuss;

  • How James quit drinking
  • How to develop the confidence to socialize sober
  • The clever marketing of “Attractively Packaged Poison”
  • The role of cultural conditioning
  • The financial impact of alcohol
  • How living alcohol-free will upgrade all areas of your life
  • Practical tips for quitting drinking

See links below to connect with James and learn more about his work:

Alcohol Free Lifestyle: http://alcoholfreelifestyle.com
James Swanwick’s Website: https://www.jamesswanwick.com
Podcast: Alcohol Free Lifestyle
Instagram: @JamesSwanwick

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