#43: Grief, Addiction and Recovery with Fawna Asfaw Sun and Moon Sober Living January 23, 2023

#43: Grief, Addiction and Recovery with Fawna Asfaw


The only child of revolutionary activists and educators; a doting Ethiopian father and a strong-willed African American mother, Fawna Asfaw felt her life shatter when she lost both her parents prematurely to illness. As grief pulled her into a downward spiral of addiction and shame, Fawna had to learn to harness her power and rebuild her life with a new perspective that changed everything.

Today, Fawna is a prominent Los Angeles Recovery Coach, Author, CADAC Candidate and Speaker. Fawna oversees a private and prestigious young women’s transitional sober living in Los Angeles, CA, founded The Good Wrk, helping young women rebuild their lives on their own terms, and recently published her first powerful debut addiction memoir, Sober Daughter.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Fawna’s Story
  • Drinking to cope with grief
  • The root of addiction
  • Addiction as a family disease
  • Detox 
  • How to help a friend who’s struggling
  • The gift of desperation
  • The power of female friendships
  • How to find your sober community
  • Applying opposite action

Links to connect with Fawna and learn more about her work:

IG: @fawnaasfaw

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