#4: Sober Yoga Girl, Alex McRobs Shares Her Story Sun and Moon Sober Living January 21, 2022

#4: Sober Yoga Girl, Alex McRobs Shares Her Story


In this episode, Alex McRobert also known as Alex McRobs or Sober Yoga Girl shares her transformational journey from party girl to International Yoga Teacher & Sobriety Coach.

Alex runs a beautiful, heart-centered business called The Mindful Life Practice which reaches across the globe, offering a full schedule of yoga classes and a variety of self-help resources, as well as Sober Curious Yoga Challenges and 200-Hr and Advanced 300-Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. Alex is also the host of the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast and has become a prominent voice bringing conversations about mental health and sobriety into the mainstream.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Alex’s experience living in the Middle East while struggling with alcohol and her mental health
  • Identifying she had a problem and getting sober
  • How the path of yoga has supported Alex’s sober journey
  • The importance of sharing your story
  • The impact of the pandemic on alcohol use disorder and mental health
  • Tips & resources for thriving in sobriety

See links below to connect with Alex and access her offerings:

Instagram: @alexmcrobs
The Mindful Life Practice

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