#33: Get Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Sun and Moon Sober Living October 20, 2022

#33: Get Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown


After spending 20 years of his life over-indulging, Duncan Bhaskaran Brown finally committed to freeing himself from this vicious cycle and helping others to do the same. He  trained with the Easyway clinic, the world’s most successful stop smoking service, and is now an engaging speaker and author of the book, Get Over Indulgence.

His fascinating life story also has taken him to some interesting places like on stage with S-Club, a stint as Mayor of his home town and morris dancing in Westminster Abbey.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to get over indulgence
  • Why celebration is key to behavior change
  • Sugar addiction
  • The Inner Critic
  • Why willpower doesn’t work
  • Drawing “bright lines”
  • How to support a loved one
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