#30: Addiction Recovery in the Workplace & Normalizing Not Drinking with Jen Gilhoi Sun and Moon Sober Living October 20, 2022

#30: Addiction Recovery in the Workplace & Normalizing Not Drinking with Jen Gilhoi


Jen Gilhoi (she/her/hers) shed the shame around alcoholism on July 28, 2014, when she first sought help to end her addiction.  Now, with eight years of sobriety, and many awkward and painful experiences as a sober person navigating society, she’s on a mission to shatter stigmas around recovery. She writes stories and commentary about the harm that is brought about by mainstream media, bars, restaurants, events, and anywhere we gather. At JenGilhoi.com she creates the invitation to engage in healthy self and societal inquiry to heal and be well. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jen’s recovery story
  • Addressing addiction and mental health in the workplace
  • The stigma of addiction
  • Normalizing not drinking
  • How to make social settings more inclusive
  • Zeroproof Collective

Jen had a corporate career while maintaining her high-functioning alcohol-abuse behavior and left at the height of burnout in her early forties. On the way to well, she founded Sparktrack in 2012, where she’s an event strategist, moderate empath, and writer who shapes and connects people’s personal and professional purpose into one compelling story. Her own story around alcoholism, A Monarch Emerges, was published in 2021 in Her Path Forward, 21 Stories of Transformation and Inspiration.

See the links below to connect with Jen and learn more about her work:

@jengilhoi and @zeroproofcollective

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