#25: Arlina Allen – Rebuilding Self-Esteem in Recovery Sun and Moon Sober Living August 8, 2022

#25: Arlina Allen – Rebuilding Self-Esteem in Recovery


Arlina Allen is a Certified Recovery Coach (IAPRC), Certified Hypnotherapist CH, the Founder of Sober Life School, and host of the award winning recovery podcast “The One Day At A Time Podcast” since June 2016.

She has been sober since 4/23/94, happily married for 25 years,  Mother of two amazing young adult men and Mama to Teddy, the family English Bulldog.

Through her 28 years of lived experience in sobriety and working with other women to heal their relationship with alcohol and other addictions, she developed a special intuitiveness and insights into resolving the blocks to behavior change. With a combination of science based mental, spiritual, physical and emotional practices she has seen profound and lasting changes in her clients.

Her class “Reinvent-How To Rebuild Self-Esteem & End Self-Sabotage” is being taught to those who’ve suffered from low self-esteem, addiction, codependency, toxic relationships and many other issues. 

“We only allow into our lives what we believe we deserve on a subconscious level. You can change what you believe and create the life of your dreams. Change your mind, change your life.” ~Arlina Allen


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