#14: Alcohol Explained: William Porter Exposes the Truth About Drinking Sun and Moon Sober Living April 11, 2022

#14: Alcohol Explained: William Porter Exposes the Truth About Drinking


William Porter is the author of Alcohol Explained, a detailed analysis of the effects of alcohol on human beings and how alcohol-use progresses from experimental, to pleasurable, to a necessity. The book has now sold over 100,000 copies by word of mouth alone, with sales consistently increasingly year on year.

William has an exceptional ability to identify the important motivators when it comes to addiction, and to explain them in a relatable, lucid way. His work is focused on rationalizing addiction, helping people understand the forces at play that keep them coming back to something that they know in their heart they are better off without. According to William, understanding is the key to control.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • William’s recovery story
  • What is alcohol, really?
  • How alcohol fuels anxiety
  • The impact alcohol has on sleep
  • Why claims of health benefits are false
  • Why alcohol is the “anti-fitness”
  • The Fading Effect Bias
  • The stages of addiction
  • How to quit

To learn more about William’s work, visit his website:

Alcohol Explained

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