The Annapurna Circuit Sun and Moon Sober Living March 15, 2024

The Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Elevate Your Recovery in the Himalayas

This transformational journey will take us through The Himalayas, the world’s most iconic mountain range as we access deeper layers of ourselves. Uncover your inner resilience and strength, one awe-inspiring step at a time.


The Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking scenery, cultural diversity, and extraordinary mountain vistas. This journey takes adventurers through a diverse range of landscapes, from lush green forests to arid high-altitude plateaus, and from quaint villages to dramatic mountain passes with ever-changing views of towering peaks.

Our time spent on the trail together offers opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations with fellow travelers or enjoy moments of silence absorbing the indescribable beauty all around you.

Throughout our journey, we will be immersed in local culture, interacting with friendly villagers, visiting ancient monasteries and temples, and savoring traditional Nepali cuisine. We will spend the night in teahouse accommodation located in charming local villages along the route.

Beyond the feeling of physical accomplishment at the end of each day, while trekking in the Himalayas, one cannot help but sense a spiritual connection to something much greater than the self.

This retreat is right for you if… 

You are pursuing a fulfilling life free from substances

You’re on a path of self-discovery and growth

You are willing to get out of your comfort zone for an epic adventure

You enjoy connecting with people and learning about new cultures

You appreciate all of the awe, wonder & beauty the earth has to offer!

Reach new heights

The pinnacle of your adventure will come at Thorong La, a challenging mountain pass with an elevation of 5,416 metres. After surmounting the pass, you’ll have ample chance to appreciate spectacular panoramic views that emphasize the sheer magnitude and natural beauty of this corner of the world. 


Mary Tilson


Mary Tilson is a certified Professional Recovery Coach (IAPRC), Trauma-Informed Yoga & Meditation Teacher and the Founder of Sun & Moon Sober Living, an inclusive community focused on a holistic approach to recovery.

Having experienced profound shifts as a result of her decision to get sober in 2013, Mary is passionate about helping others find freedom from addiction so they can live fulfilling lives substance-free. She is a strong believer in the power of community and enjoys bringing people together through her online membership community and wellness retreats. She also hosts the Sun & Moon Sober Living Podcast.

Mary recently settled back in the mountains of Colorado after nearly a decade teaching internationally, while living in Southeast Asia and hosting retreats across the globe.

Cole Chance

Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her to the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, to the path of yoga and most importantly, back to her self. Through her practices, she’s begun to unravel and explore the most intriguing of all landscapes – the inner one.

She is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and addiction recovery educator who teaches in many capacities from international retreats, teacher trainings and festivals, to rehabs and prisons.

She believes in utilizing curiosity and intellect, both mental and somatic, to peel back the many layers of self in the journey to remembering wholeness. She weaves yogic and Buddhist philosophy, neuroscience and psychological insights, all on a bedrock of a compassionate and playful curiosity

“When you regain a sense of your life as a journey of discovery, you return to rhythm with yourself. When you take the time to travel with reverence, a richer life unfolds before you. Moments of beauty begin to braid your days.”

― John O’Donohue

What’s included/not included


  • All transportation within Nepal
  • Guided hikes with Oliver & local Nepali team
  • Accommodation in a single/shared room
  • 3 nutritious meals per day
  • Workshops with Carrie & Mary
  • Restorative Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Recovery Workshops
  • Cultural tour of Kathmandu

Not Included:

  • International flights
  • Personal hiking gear
  • Additional snacks & supplies
  • Shopping & gratuities

Sample Schedule


6:45 | Breakfast 
7:15 | Morning meditation & talk
7:30 | Depart for morning hike
12:00 | Lunch
1:00 | Hike through the Himalayas
3:00 | Relax, journal & enjoy the views!
4:00 | Restorative yoga / workshop
6:00 | Dinner
7:00 | Evening Reflections

Answer the call for adventure

One of the biggest questions people have when contemplating this journey is, “am I ready?” It’s important to remember that often times, our self-imposed limitations don’t reflect our truest potential. While this hike does include long hikes, we will be taking our time to enjoy the views, stop for water and snack breaks as needed. If you have questions about whether you are physically ready for this retreat, please reach out to set up a call and we can discuss! 

Cost: xx days, xx nights

Single Rate: $xx

Double Room Rate: $xxx

PAYMENT POLICY: A 35% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to secure your spot. The remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to the retreat start date.   


There is an intermediate 2.5 mile hike with a 1,000 foot elevation gain to get to the hut. Your bags and any luggage will be transported by a porter service.

Our hikes during the retreat will be intermediate to mildly challenging with plenty of opportunities to rest if needed.

We are planning to have 2 days that include more hiking (3-5 hours) and 1 day that is more loungey!

It’s recommended to come into town a day or two prior to the start of the retreat if you are not used to the altitude to give yourself time to acclimatize, and prioritize your health by drinking plenty of water beforehand.

  • Swimwear
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Diverse range of clothing (mountain weather fluctuates A LOT! summer temps can be from 20-75F!)
  • We will have solar showers and bath towels at the cabin. Biodegradable soap & shampoo will also be provided. We ask that you please be mindful of the environment when packing additional toiletries, and ensure they are eco-friendly.
  • Hiking shoes/boots (break them in first! We don’t recommend bringing a fresh pair!)
  • Water bladder/hydration reservoir
  • Earplugs & eye mask for sleeping
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, lip balm
  • Journals + pens

We will meet at 10 am on August 1st in downtown Telluride. Specific details about our meeting location will be sent out by email  one month prior. We’ll grab breakfast, get acquainted, do a gear check + gather any last bits people need. We’ll start the hike up to our hut in the hills at 12 pm.

Yes! We will set up a default payment plan of deposit + 2 payments. If you want to set it up a specific way just let us know + we can adjust it to suit. Note that all payments must be in by 45 days prior to the start date!

Please come with at least 30 days of continual sobriety.

Also note that is not rehab nor therapy either and in this environment we are not able to provide that extra level of personal support.

Our philosophy is that addiction and attachment are both part of the human experience. In that case, we all are recovering from something.

The wild journey of life comes with all kinds of joy and beauty of course, but also trauma, and insecurity and confusion. On the bumpy ride we also lose bits and pieces of self along the way. AND, in knowing that, we all have the capacity to uncover and rediscover our innate wholeness. If that sounds resonate, then you belong here!

This retreat will have recovery themes woven through it that are applicable to all humans.