S.O.B.E.R. – Try This Simple Mindfulness-Based Technique Sun and Moon Sober Living September 2, 2023

S.O.B.E.R. – Try This Simple Mindfulness-Based Technique

One of the keys to making sobriety sustainable for the longterm is accumulating a toolbox of techniques and practices that you can turn to in difficult moments. Mindfulness-based interventions are highly effective in helping in breaking free from addictive behaviors. The S.O.B.E.R. technique is a great go-to because it’s easy to remember, and can be a powerful way to shift from a place of impulsivity and unconscious reaction back to thoughtful decision making. Below are the simple steps.


Take a moment to simply pause and be present. Depending on what choices are available to you in the moment, you may remove yourself physically from the situation, call on another person for support or turn your attention inward.


Begin to notice without judgment what’s arising in you. What physical sensations, thoughts or emotions are present? Can you locate them in your body? Imagine each moving through your field of awareness like clouds in a sky.


Focus your attention on the breath. Notice the natural sensation of breathing. Explore deepening the breath by allowing the belly to expand, as if you could breath air into your lower abdomen. 


Check-in with yourself. Are you able to see the situation from an expanded perspective? Stopping, observing and breathing can help shift us away from a place of impulsivity and reactivity and support us in making conscious choices.


Respond to the situation in a way that most closely aligns with your beliefs, values and intentions. It may be helpful to “play the tape forward” or call on added support from someone you trust.
If you enjoyed learning about this practice, and would like to dive deeper into mindfulness-based practices and meditation to support your sobriety, below are a couple additional resources:
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