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The Holistic Sober Living Course

Finding freedom from alcohol requires more than simply removing a physical substance from your body. In this course, you will better understand why you turn to alcohol and how to implement new habits to free yourself from cravings and improve your health & quality of life.

You don’t have to wait for a rock-bottom to get sober.

Alcohol use has become so normalized and deeply entrenched in our society that many fail to recognize the amount of time and energy consumed by a substance that is quite literally poison to your body, mind and spirit. 

Problematic drinking is simply not as black/white as it’s made out to be. If you’re a “gray-area drinker” who doesn’t meet the criteria of alcohol-use disorder per se, but still experiences negative side effects from your drinking, this is a great opportunity to rid yourself of unnecessary suffering and build a life of purpose, meaning and joy alcohol-free.

The Holistic Sober Living Course is also designed to support those who are already sober with building a set of tools and practices to sustain your sobriety and wellbeing for the long-term. 

Ask yourself this:

  • Does your physical, mental or emotional health suffer because of your drinking?
  • Do you wake up feeling depleted of energy?
  • Do you suffer from “hangxiety” aka the anxiety caused by drinking?
  • Have you experienced problems in your relationships caused by your drinking?
  • Do you have goals that you haven’t had the time or energy to meet?
  • Are you dependent on alcohol to give you confidence in social situations?
  • Are all of your hobbies and interests based around drinking?
  • Do you struggle to sit down and meditate or be alone with your thoughts?
  • Is the voice of your inner critic giving you a negative self-image?
  • Are you already sober, but feel uncertain if you can sustain longterm sobriety?

If the answer to even one of these questions is “yes” just remember, there is not one benefit of alcohol that justifies your suffering.

You don’t need to be an alcoholic to give up alcohol. You can make an empowered choice to embrace a holistic sober lifestyle, and reclaim vital energy to live the life you deserve.

Still have doubts about sobriety? Let’s address some of the big myths about drinking.

“I need alcohol to socialize & have fun”

The hard truth is this: if you think you need alcohol to have fun, you haven’t given yourself the chance to discover what truly lights you up. Believe me, this is an opportunity! There is so much more to life than getting drunk.

“But what if my friends, co-workers and spouse all need alcohol to have fun?”

You also don’t have to be the “buzz kill” or try to convince everyone around you not to drink. This program is designed to drastically reduce and eliminate any desire to drink, meaning eventually, you will feel fine engaging in activities you enjoy with the people you love without feeling triggered if alcohol is present.

“Alcohol relaxes me and helps me sleep”

Alcohol may sedate you for a few hours and even cause you to pass out more easily, but it definitely isn’t helping your sleep. In fact, even in small doses, alcohol is extremely damaging sleep quality. In this course, you will learn the true physiological effects of alcohol, how to manage your energy effectively, and replace your drinking habit with behaviors that will leave you feeling truly relaxed and well-rested.

“I’m not confident without alcohol.”

“Liquid courage” is a dangerous myth. Courage and confidence are inner qualities that are built much like exercising a muscle, they get stronger with practice of slowly moving outside your comfort zone. By bypassing this process, you are only creating a dependency, and reinforcing a belief that you need something outside of yourself, not solving a problem.

This course provides tools to slowly rebuild genuine confidence, and gain practice in a supportive group container. It may take time, but it’s worth the effort.

One moment at a time…

If the thought of living alcohol-free is over-whelming, just know that you don’t have to figure out your whole life right now. This is an opportunity to get curious, engage in an honest investigation about the role alcohol is playing in your life and be in the position to choose for yourself how you’d like to move forward rather than having your choices ruled by an addictive substance.

What you’ll gain from this program…

We’ll take an honest look at the role alcohol is playing in your life, and the conditioning which has shaped your relationship with drinking so you can consciously choose how you’d like to move forward.

Mary is a certified Meditation Teacher with close to a decade of teaching experience. This course will teach you how to harness the power of meditation to find freedom from cravings and addiction, and implement a daily practice to improve all areas of your life.

As the saying goes, change happens “one step at time”. Through the art of mindfulness, you will learn to anchor your attention in the present moment, and free yourself from guilt and shame tied to the past and fears about the future.

Understanding how the human brain works can not only help us break addictions, but can also be an incredible tool for fostering self-compassion and forgiveness. Begin to understand the chemical changes that occur in your brain as a result of drinking and how you can harness the power of the mind to stay sober and thrive in recovery.

Explore the science of behavior change and learn powerful techniques to break habits and build new ones. The benefits of this knowledge extend far beyond giving up alcohol!

Learn to effectively manage your energy so you’re not vulnerable to alcohol cravings or relying on stimulants to get you through the day. We will explore the seven types of active and passive rest needed to be truly restored and assess which area you need to focus on most.

Learn to establish healthy boundaries, let go of those people-pleasing tendencies and learn to confidently communicate your decision not to drink.

Let go of the myth that alcohol makes you more confident, and begin building true inner confidence and feel better about yourself in social situations. This will not come overnight, but this course will give you the tools to get there with time.

In this course, you will begin to learn the language of your nervous system, and simple practices that will restore balance and invite more ease into your daily life.

We see alcohol in the media paired with sports, we’re told it will help us wind down, relieve stress and enhance our social lives. As you learn the truth behind this very well-marketed “miracle drug”, the desire to consume it will naturally begin to fade away.

Learn to quiet the voice of the inner critic and offer self-compassion, one of the greatest antidotes to the shame so many of us feel in relation to our drinking.
Understand where your triggers lie, and make yourself less vulnerable to intense cravings to drink. We will also learn how to bounce back quickly and get right back on track if you do slip up.

This program is not a one and done. It’s designed to lay the foundation for lifelong wellbeing. You will walk away with a set of skills and practices that will serve you for the longterm, and plenty of resources to continue deepening what you’ve learned.

Being part of a supportive community is one of the best things you can do for yourself in sobriety. In this group container, you will have the opportunity to participate in group coaching and Q&A, connect with like-minded individuals, engage in conversation and above all, be reminded that you are not alone.

Here’s what you’ll get…


9 Modules of In-Depth Training

The course material consists of 9 unique modules with video presentations, downloadable complimentary PDFs and a resource guide for further study.


Live Group Coaching

When you purchase this course, you will receive 90 days of free access to the Sun & Moon Community Membership platform with live weekly meetings led by Mary, and an extensive collection of resources.

Practice Portal

Access to a collection of yoga, movement, breathwork, meditation & EFT Tapping practices specifically designed to support you in finding freedom from addictive thought patterns & behaviors and invite more ease into your sober journey


90 days of free access to a private community platform where you can connect with a like-minded group of people, share experiences, resources and support. You will have the option to extend your membership for ongoing support.


Hi, I’m Mary

I’m a Certified Professional Recovery Coach (IAPRC), Yoga & Meditation Teacher, International Retreat Leader and the Founder of Sun & Moon Sober Living.

I’ve been sober since April 27, 2013, and while the past 9 years of sobriety have undoubtedly been the best years of my life, my road to recovery was anything but linear.

Prior to getting sober, I was the epitome of a high-functioning alcoholic and addict. From an outside perspective, I had just been promoted at one of the top advertising agencies in Chicago and was surrounded by friends and a wonderful family. Yet my inner experience told an entirely different story. I was hiding my alcohol and drug use, riddled with anxiety and overwhelming shame, and felt like I was constantly on the edge of disaster.

Since getting sober, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the globe leading Yoga & Meditation retreats which have been featured by Yoga Journal, Compare Retreats, and more, and have trained with world-renowned teachers and schools.

My aim with creating this course is to help free you from the suffering I endured, and give you the tools that have allowed me to thrive in sobriety. My approach is rooted in the understanding that in order to truly break an addiction, we need to get to the root of what drives our behavior in the first place, and build a set of skills and practices that will sustain us for the longterm.

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If this sounds like a strong fit for you and you are ready to fully commit to the program but are limited by price, please reach out to connect@sunandmoonsoberliving.com to discuss opportunities for discounted rates.

Important Disclaimer: This course is not a replacement to therapy or treatment for addiction. Please consult with your doctor if you think you may qualify as having alcohol-use disorder and require medical intervention.


You do not need to be already sober to join this course, but you will be asked to make a genuine effort to remain alcohol-free while completing this course to receive the full benefits. This is not designed for those in active addiction. If you meet the criteria for alcohol-use disorder, it is strongly advised that you seek medical treatment.

Absolutely! This course is not a replacement to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, but for those who are in active recovery or already sober, it can be a helpful supplement to add to your toolbox.

The course is lifetime access, meaning as long as it’s available online, it will be yours to revisit any time!

Live group calls will take place every Sunday at 9am MST. These calls will not be recorded, so it is recommended to make attending a priority to get the most out of the program.

Absolutely! In fact, the aim of this course is to remove the shame, stigma and all-around awkwardness surrounding sobriety so more people like yourself can reap the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle!

Do you have a specific question related to this course? I’d love to hear from you!