#36: Ex-Wine Girl Turned Sober Coach – Casey McGuire Davidson Sun and Moon Sober Living October 24, 2022

#36: Ex-Wine Girl Turned Sober Coach – Casey McGuire Davidson


Casey McGuire Davidson is a Life & Sobriety Coach and the host of the Top 100 Mental Health Podcast The Hello Someday Podcast for sober curious women and gray area drinkers. Casey’s the creator of the Free 30-Day Guide to Quitting Drinking and The Sobriety Starter Kit, the online sober coaching course for busy women who are ready to drink less + live more. She’s a wife and mom who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of red wine. Casey specializes in working with women with full calendars and overflowing to-do lists, who are doing all the things and then coming home and drinking to forget about all the things.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Gray-area drinking
  • Stress, anxiety & trouble sleeping due to alcohol
  • How to get sober
  • Navigating social situations alcohol-free
  • Sober support groups
  • Getting to the root of why we drink
  • Mommy wine culture
  • Resources for sobriety 


Website: https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/
Free 30-Day Guide To Quitting Drinking – 30 Tips For Your First Month Alcohol Free https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/30-day-sober-guide/
The Hello Someday Podcast: https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/podcast/
The Sobriety Starter Kit Online Course: https://www.thesobrietystarterkit.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloSomeday
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caseymdavidson/

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